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We implement a full life cycle development process including defining requirements, software architecture and design, coding and quality control, and product maintenance / technical support. Using this process we ensure you receive the best service in the business.

As a result, our vast knowledge base allows us to deliver the best IT solutions to address your specific needs.

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  • One of the greatest barriers experienced by companies that want to outsource software development is communication. Mutual understanding is the key to successful collaboration, and it won’t work if there is a “just smile and nod” mentality towards unclear specifications or instructions. At Docker-UP Software we’re not afraid to ask again if we need to.

  • We understand that clients often have quality issues when outsourcing work to low-cost outsourcing areas. In fact, that’s often the main reason they are coming to us. We are not a code factory that mindlessly churns out software. We build quality into every level, from well thought out software architectures, to clean and maintainable code, to exact graphic designs, and our clients can feel the difference.

  • We have the right procedures, tools, and know how to work in a professional way that makes you confident that you can count on us. Data is backed up, source code is stored in an advanced source control system, and security exists at multiple levels. We log time down to the minute and use task tracking software so that we never drop the ball.

  • You are the expert in your domain, and we respect your expertise. Just as we treat our clients with respect, we also show respect to each other. Every employee deserves dignity and recognition, and disrespect towards others is not tolerated.

  • We tell it to you straight, even if it’s bad news. We won’t duck your call, pickle your emails, or give you the runaround. If there is a problem then we’d rather work through it now than deal with the fallout later. Our programmers are trained from day one to give feedback, share ideas, and raise the red flag if something goes wrong. In our experience it leads to happier clients, and more business for us, so everyone wins.

Software Project Development

Cloud HR and Payroll System

  • Total software solution to cover all key functionalities of a HR and Payroll.
  • Has developed to compatible with labour rules and regulations.
  • Highly customizable to unique custom requirements.
  • Web based and user friendly interfaces.
  • Cost effective solution to match any size of organization.
  • Cloud based access from anywhere.
  • Web based user friendly interfaces.
  • Backup and disaster recovery